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Sara Van Rompaey

Sara Van Rompaey is a conservation Architect and EU project expert in the field of historic building renovation, urban regeneration, climate change and Nature Based Solutions. As owner of  E²ARC (Architecture & Research for Cities) she has more than 25 years of expertise in the design, development and execution of buildings projects with a special focus on energy efficient renovation and conservation.

Eleni Goni


Eleni Goni studied Architecture in the Technical University of Athens- Greece and obtained with a distinction an MSc in the Environmental Design of Buildings at the Welsh School of Architecture. She has a long experience in the design, management and execution of complex building projects in Greece and Spain. Since 2011 she has also been involved in several EU- funded research projects related to buildings’ sustainability, energy retrofitting, innovative materials and Nature-based Solutions.

Angeliki mavrigiannaki


Angeliki Mavrigiannaki holds a Diploma in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens and an MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings from Cardiff University. She has been involved in EU funded projects since 2016 and has completed a PhD at Technical University of Crete on integrated and smart design for zero energy buildings and communities. Her research interests include implementation of innovative sustainable solutions from the building to the city scale for energy conservation, climate change mitigation and human comfort. She is a LEED Green Associate.


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Georgia Papamarkou is an Architect Engineer with accomplished projects in Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Greece. She holds an MSc in Architectural Engineering by the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. In collaboration with some of the most renowned Architectural Offices in Belgium, she has been in charge of the design and execution of a variety of urbanistic and architectural projects. Ranging from a listed tower-house restoration and residential projects, to offices’ retrofitting, low energy hospitals and a masterplan, all her projects have aimed at energy efficiency, sustainability and welfare.

Leticia Vellozo


Leticia is an Architect and Urban Planner from Brazil, with a MSc in Project and Management of the Urban Space and an ongoing MSc in Geography of Environmental Risk and Human Security. She has experience as a planner for the public sector and also as a lecturer. Her interests involve capacity building, spatial justice, nature-based solutions and climate change adaptation.

susan galavan

Susan is a qualified conservation architect with fourteen years’ work experience in Ireland, Italy and Germany. She holds a first-class Masters degree from University College Dublin and a PhD in architectural history from Trinity College Dublin. Susan is a lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering and Design, Atlantic Technological University Sligo, Ireland. Her current research looks at the link between architectural history, conservation and climate change.

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