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Through past and ongoing collaborations, E2ARC has over 25 years of experience in the design, development, and execution of building projects, with a special focus on energy-efficient renovation and conservation. At the district level, several Masterplans were designed with a historical, urban, and architectural analysis.

E2ARC is a partner in several EU-funded research projects related to building sustainability and innovative building materials, cultural heritage and energy retrofitting, and urban planning with Nature-Based Solutions for the cities of the future. This involvement allows E2ARC to explore innovative solutions addressing modern challenges related to buildings and the environment.


Is to create a permanent collaboration between researchers, architects, engineers and urban planners, while addressing modern challenges related to energy, the quality of the built environment and the health and well-being of people in cities


UIA, ICOMOS, EUROPA NOSTRA, Order of Architects Belgium, Greek Chamber of Architects, Technical Chamber of Greece, ECTP WGs in Heritage & Regeneration (H&R) / Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) / Materials & Sustainability (M&S) / Built Environment Decarbonisation (BED), ACE, European Heritage Alliance 3.3, Crowdhelix network


Gender equality is a fundamental principle that underpins our organization's values. E2ARC's Gender Equality Plan can be accessed below. 

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