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JUSTNature Press Release - April 2024

The fifth Project Meeting and the third Collaborative CiPeL Workshop in Bolzano & Merano, Italy

The JUSTNature Consortium, comprised of representatives from seven cities and partner organisations, met in person at the EURAC Research Headquarter in Bolzano, Italy, to take part in the 5th Project Meeting and 3rd Collaborative CiPeL Workshop, held also partly in Merano, Italy. Between April 9th and 11th 2024, the team reviewed the progress made in the JUSTNature project throughout the past six months and focused on the exploitation of key innovative results.

The event aimed at:

  • revisiting and evaluating the progress made since the last Project Meeting

  • examining encountered challenges and collectively discussing ways to best overcome them

  • exchanging feedback and experiences from the CiPeLs

  • finding ways to best exploit innovative results from the project.

Read and download the full press release here.

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