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JUSTNature presented at the Congres Publieke Ruimte

Nele Janssen and Lieve Van Espen Present on Circular Materials at Public Space Congress

On April 24th, Nele Janssen and Lieve Van Espen, from the city of Leuven, had the opportunity to share their expertise on the circular use of materials in public spaces at the Public Space Congress in Antwerp. During their session entitled "Creative with Leftovers", they presented the pilot project on the Constantin Meunierstraat as a case study.

Circularity at the Forefront

The Constantin Meunierstraat pilot project exemplifies our commitment to circularity in public space design. The planting beds were constructed using reclaimed blue stones from other locations in the city, and the pavilion was entirely built from salvaged materials from the Leuven Materials Bank by Atelier Circuler.

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