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JUSTNature Leuven's pilot is expanding!

News from the two pilots - City Practice Labs

Pilot 1: Constantin Meunierstraat

We are excited to announce that the pilot project on the Constantin Meunierstraat is expanding! Based on the positive evaluation of the initial trial phase in December 2023, we are moving forward with a one-way street concept for the entire street. This change will create more space for greenery and water infiltration, transforming the street into a more sustainable and livable environment.

Work on the expansion of the pilot project has started on May 13th on site. We are once again using circular materials and creating biodiverse planting beds in the newly available space, adding a pop of color and life to the cityscape. Furthermore, to assess the project's influence on traffic flow, we'll be utilizing the Telraam counters installed throughout the neighborhood. This data will be crucial in shaping future sustainable development initiatives!

To ensure that the community has a say in how this space is used, residents will be invited to join us for a new Atelier Meunier workshop at the end of May.

Pilot 2: Leuven Central Detention Center

The design for a biodiverse garden and infiltration infrastructure at Leuven Centraal is nearing completion. In the summer of 2024, the paving of one of the prison courtyards will be completely removed, paving the way for inmates to begin work on the garden after the summer. The inmates were involved in the design of the garden and will be in charge of the construction of the garden. This is a valuable opportunity for them to learn new skills, contribute to the community, and gain a sense of pride in their work.

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