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JUSTNature at the New European Bauhaus Festival 2024

The project and the Gzira CiPeL were presented

From 9-13 April 2024, the New European Bauhaus Festival drew in thousands of participants to Brussels, to reimagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond. The initiative is founded on principles that include community involvement in participatory processes and a focus on aesthetics, prioritising quality of experience and style beyond mere functionality.

Kurt Calleja of the Gzira CiPeL displayed the Urban Heat Island effect in Gzira and the before and after of the implementation at the site.

The JUSTNature vision and objectives were discussed with the participants: a just transition to low carbon cities by way of nature-based solutions, based on the principle of the right to ecological space - to live and help live, to work and play in sustainable cities.

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