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JUSTNature and VARCITIES at the 10th ECTP Conference

The E2ARC team presented the projects at the session "Nature-based Solutions and Renaturing the Built Environment"

On 5-6 March 2024, the JUSTNature and VARCITIES projects were featured at the 10th ECTP Conference which took place in Brussels. More than 170 attendees from the whole construction value chain attended, sharing their experiences, while representatives of the European Commission informed the attendees about the latest policy developments. 

The event celebrated the 20th anniversary of ECTP (European Construction and sustainable built environment Technology Platform), with the moto “ECTP@20. Two decades shaping a smart and green built environment”.

During a parallel session on "Nature-based Solutions and Renaturing the Built Environment", Eleni Goni (E2ARC) presented the objectives of JUSTNature while delving into innovative approaches to urban regeneration. Special focus was given on the justice aspects considered and the co-creation processes followed within the project. The JUSTNature approach was demonstrated through the activities of Leuven’s CiPeL, highlighting the transformation of a grey road into a green space through a temporary NbS.

Furthermore, during this session a newly published position paper on Nature-based solutions was presented which included contributions from VARCITIES. E2ARC highlighted the objectives of greener, healthier cities showcasing innovative solutions implemented in the city of Leuven in the framework of the VARCITIES project.

E2ARC underscored the importance of demonstration projects to solidify nature-based solutions as common practice. The key message they conveyed was that nature-based solutions, aligned with the values and principles of the New European Bauhaus, can serve as multifunctional tools in building sustainable urban environments.

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